Tomato and Sausage Risotto, à la Smitten Kitchen and Martha Stewart

Tomato and Sausage risotto a la Smitten Kitchen and Martha Stewart

Deb over at Smitten Kitchen always has breathtaking food on her site. Sometimes the recipes she features seem a bit too involved for me, but she never fails to stun the eyes with her expert photography and give me a chuckle with her fast-paced prose. After giving in and trying her delightful buttery tomato sauce that graced our homemade pasta, I decided to put my faith in her once more a few nights ago.

I was stumped for dinner because the fridge was nearly empty (I was out of town earlier in the week) and nothing caught my eye. In the freezer were some hot Italian sausages that I had been waiting to try. On a hunch that Deb would certainly have something delicious posted about sausage, I decided to run a search her site and see if anything inspired me. At the top of the search results was tomato and sausage risotto which I can’t believe I never thought of before and which was exactly what I wanted.

This recipe was so easy and I happened to have all of the ingredients (sausage, onions, a can of chopped tomatoes, spinach, wine, rice). I didn’t bother to use arborio rice because I’ve found that I like risotto just the same with any short grain rice.  It hit the spot for dinner and was even better the next day for lunch, eaten cold. This will definitely become part of the rotation here, with or without the meat. Thanks Deb!

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