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  • Velvet Lemon Pasta Sauce, Revisited

    Earlier this week I was invited to an impromptu potluck event for a large number of people. I wasn’t sure what other people might be bringing and knew I would have less than 2 hours to cook and get over to the event. I had no time to shop and still not very many fresh […]

  • Curried Lentil “Risotto”

    Curried Lentil “Risotto”

    This post was a guest post on a blog that I love, Just Bento, during their Frugal Bento Month. I’ve posted it here for continuity and posterity. I encourage you to check out the other posts on Just Bento (and Just Hungry) as Maki has some of the clearest Japanese recipes you will find on […]

  • Brussels Sprouts

    Brussels Sprouts

    Brussels sprouts have a bad reputation. At some point when we were kids, we heard a rumor that they were gross. They were the “punishment” vegetable kids on TV were always forced to eat. Surely they were part of a nationwide parental scheme to fool children into being “healthy.” And who even knew what they […]

  • Velvet Lemon Mushroom Sauce

    Velvet Lemon Mushroom Sauce

    Sauces are perhaps my favorite type of food to cook. They can be so versatile in flavor and texture. They liven up ordinary ingredients. This velvety lemon mushroom sauce can be used as an ingredient in many recipes, simply poured over a bowl of pasta, or served aside a warm cut of meat or a […]

  • Almond Milk

    Almond Milk

    After a recent trip to the local wholesale warehouse, we ended up several pounds of almonds, pecans and walnuts on our hands. Emily over at Dragonfly: Tales from the Phantom Rickshaw posted a recipe for almond milk that sounded like such a simple and tasty use for almonds, I just had to try it. Good […]

  • Just Hungry’s “Moffles” (Mochi Waffles)

    Just Hungry’s “Moffles” (Mochi Waffles)

    Many of you may know, that I, like Alton Brown, hate kitchen gadgets that only do one thing. To justify the real estate taken up by a huge gadget like a waffle iron, I try to find as many unusual uses for the thing as possible. That’s why I was thrilled to read about Maki’s […]

  • Vegan Extra Cheesy Grits

    Vegan Extra Cheesy Grits

    Jen tells a classic story which I’ll call “Jen’s Mom and the ‘Cheese’ Grits.” Once, way down south, Jen’s mom volunteered to bring cheese grits to a school function. When she got home to make them, she realized she only had 2 slices of American cheese for the whole vat of grits. Not to be […]

  • Guacamole


    One of my favorite uses for avocado, other than eating it plain, is in the form of guacamole. Here is my basic recipe, based on the use of two average-sized Hass avocados. Double or triple as needed! I won’t include definite measurements because this really comes down to taste. Also, this recipe is not true […]

  • Avocados


    I’ve been having unstoppable cravings for avocados for the last month. Avocados sometimes have a bad rep: it can be hard to tell  if they are ripe, they can be confusing to open, once you do open them they turn brown, they have more fat than other fruit, they are an awkward shade of green, […]

  • Tomato Rice Soup

    Tomato Rice Soup

    Note: No matter what angle, placement or camera settings we tried, none of the pictures came out right. If anyone has any photography tips on clearly showing off a bowl of soup, I’d love to hear them, please! This soup got me through months of laziness and countless colds. It is warm and can be […]