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  • Apple Cider Pudding

    Apple Cider Pudding

    This past week, I became obsessed with Smitten Kitchen’s luxe butterscotch pudding recipe. It’s got eggs, cream, butter, and a deep caramel flavor. What’s not to love? I made it for my two kids and they went wild. I’d also been eyeing Smitten’s apple cider caramels recipe and thinking of my own bacon caramels, and […]

  • Bacon Caramel Candies

    Bacon Caramel Candies

    The Northeast is being beaten down with what some are calling “Frankenstorm”, and it seems like Halloween plans might need to be postponed. But as long as you’ve still got power or gas, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy some candy. I’ve been in a candy making mood lately and these tend to be at […]

  • Shiitake Mushroom “Bacon” Crumbles

    Shiitake Mushroom “Bacon” Crumbles

    Last year, Jen and I decided to increase the vegetarianism in our diets. We didn’t cut out animal products entirely, but we stopped buying meat and most of our meals were vegetarian or vegan. Among many other reasons for making this change, we really want to shake our cooking up. While we have gone back […]

  • Syrian-style Baklava (Parade of Pies, Part 5)

    Syrian-style Baklava (Parade of Pies, Part 5)

    **So it’s not a pie in the usual sense, but baklava is pastry stuffed with nuts, sweet syrup, and butter. The pie spirit is there. And really, who would complain about getting baklava?** Growing up I never knew that there was more than one kind of baklava. The sticky, crispy, little diamonds with pistachio and […]

  • The Classics: Pumpkin Pie (Parade of Pies, Part 2)

    The Classics: Pumpkin Pie (Parade of Pies, Part 2)

    Pumpkin pie is a classic Thanksgiving pie, but there’s no reason you can’t have it all year round. During the fall, I usually get tasty pumpkins and squashes on sale, and then I bake and puree the flesh so that I can freeze it and use it all year long. Canned pumpkin is also generally […]

  • The Classics: Pecan Pie (Parade of Pies, Part 1)

    The Classics: Pecan Pie (Parade of Pies, Part 1)

    The first pie in the parade is pecan. This pie screams Thanksgiving to me, even more than pumpkin pie. Growing up, I remember there always being a pecan pie on the Thanksgiving dessert table. It was probably especially popular in kosher households because it’s an easy pie to make pareve, or non-dairy, so you can […]

  • An Ali Baba sandwich and thoughts of Paris

    An Ali Baba sandwich and thoughts of Paris

    My thoughts have been drifting over to Paris quite a bit lately. I think it’s the travel bug that’s been itching in me all winter. This year also marks five years since I studied there. I spent a good part of this afternoon following Google street view around my old Paris haunts, amazed at how […]

  • Cheesy Owl Crackers

    Cheesy Owl Crackers

    I’m sure you’ll think I’m crazy, but I just couldn’t resist. After seeing Deb from Smitten Kitchen’s Whole Wheat Goldfish crackers I couldn’t not try them.  I also happened to have everything I needed on hand, including a block of ultra orange cheddar that had exactly 6 oz left. I had never made crackers before […]

  • Freezable bean burritos with a zing!

    Freezable bean burritos with a zing!

    What do you do when you become to busy to cook consistently? Hopefully, you have the foresight to stock your freezer with reheatable home cooked items. Happily I did manage to have a sense that things were going to get hectic around here and I was able to pack the freezer with these tasty little […]

  • Half Sour Dill Cucumber Pickles

    Half Sour Dill Cucumber Pickles

    Half sour pickles, sometimes called “new pickles”, weren’t my favorite growing up. They were overlooked in the quest for the most lip-puckering sour garlic pickles. As my taste buds matured, however, I came to appreciate the more delicate saltiness of a good half sour pickle. From what I’ve noticed, half sours are made from very […]