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  • Warm, Creamy Smooth Carrot Soup (Potage Crécy)

    Warm, Creamy Smooth Carrot Soup (Potage Crécy)

    Bundling up in this cold winter can only do so much to keep you warm. While I was studying in France, I remember seeing vending machines that dispensed steaming cups of potage, a smooth and thick peasant’s soup of winter vegetables, and thinking that the French had the right idea. Healthier than a cup of […]

  • Roasted Red Pepper Risotto, or The Importance of Being Creative in the Kitchen

    Roasted Red Pepper Risotto, or The Importance of Being Creative in the Kitchen

    I know you probably think I’ve posted the same dish twice in a row. And honestly, considering the month I’ve had, I wouldn’t be surprised if I had done that. But no, I’m not that absent-minded (yet). This risotto has an even more winding origin than the last one I posted. If you are actually […]

  • Flexible Bean and Barley Soup

    Flexible Bean and Barley Soup

    Weeknights have become busy around here, between new year’s resolutions, birthdays, and the usual. This is the time of year when I know I need food to function but I can’t always bring myself to whip up something new each night. The lack of fresh produce in the house doesn’t help either. It would be […]

  • Split-Pea Soup

    Split-Pea Soup

    Unfortunately for me, growing up I never knew a good pea soup, let alone one outside of the school cafeteria. My mom didn’t make pureed soups from scratch often, so for me the words “Split-Pea Soup” conjured up images of gelatinous vats of over-salted green-gray mush, not unlike in the Exorcist, that would send me […]

  • My Grandma’s Vegetable Soup

    My Grandma’s Vegetable Soup

    I was a pretty adventurous eater as a child, but not all of my cousins and siblings were. Every kid has at least one food they won’t touch with a ten-foot fork. From what I remember, it didn’t have much to do with taste. We just picked a food we were going to hate (mine […]

  • Saucy Apron’s Tomato Bread Soup

    Saucy Apron’s Tomato Bread Soup

    Shamefully, I let the end of a delicious loaf of marble rye go stale longer ago than I care to admit. For the last few days, I’ve been keeping an eye out for recipes that called for hard bread. At first I thought I’d make it into bread crumbs but my laziness for cleaning crumbs […]

  • Tomato Rice Soup

    Tomato Rice Soup

    Note: No matter what angle, placement or camera settings we tried, none of the pictures came out right. If anyone has any photography tips on clearly showing off a bowl of soup, I’d love to hear them, please! This soup got me through months of laziness and countless colds. It is warm and can be […]