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  • Chick(pea) Nuggets

    Chick(pea) Nuggets

    Last year when we were exploring vegetarian proteins, we started getting all kinds of high protein flours. The most versatile and relatively cheap flour I found was chickpea flour. The first thing I tried to make with it was falafel, using the recipe on the package. We enjoyed them in pita with tahini sauce and […]

  • An Ali Baba sandwich and thoughts of Paris

    An Ali Baba sandwich and thoughts of Paris

    My thoughts have been drifting over to Paris quite a bit lately. I think it’s the travel bug that’s been itching in me all winter. This year also marks five years since I studied there. I spent a good part of this afternoon following Google street view around my old Paris haunts, amazed at how […]

  • Cool as a Cucumber Sandwich

    Cool as a Cucumber Sandwich

    This summer, strapped for time and staving off heat stroke, I can’t stop craving cucumber sandwiches. The simple sandwich highlights the natural coolness of a cucumber and don’t require me to turn on an oven (if you didn’t know, New York has been in the middle of a record breaking heat wave). Cucumber sandwiches take […]

  • Deviled Egg Salad

    Deviled Egg Salad

    I had a terrible craving for eggs this week. Not just any eggs though. I wanted deviled eggs… and a lot of them. A normal person would take that as a sign and just make them – I mean, why mess with a perfect thing, right? Not me. I’m far too lazy for that. To […]