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  • Velvet Lemon Pasta Sauce, Revisited

    Earlier this week I was invited to an impromptu potluck event for a large number of people. I wasn’t sure what other people might be bringing and knew I would have less than 2 hours to cook and get over to the event. I had no time to shop and still not very many fresh […]

  • Velvet Lemon Mushroom Sauce

    Velvet Lemon Mushroom Sauce

    Sauces are perhaps my favorite type of food to cook. They can be so versatile in flavor and texture. They liven up ordinary ingredients. This velvety lemon mushroom sauce can be used as an ingredient in many recipes, simply poured over a bowl of pasta, or served aside a warm cut of meat or a […]

  • Syrian Lemon and Olive Chicken

    Syrian Lemon and Olive Chicken

    This recipe was adapted from Jeff Nathan’s “Syrian Lemon Chicken Stew” from his Adventures in Jewish Cooking. I’ve shortened the process by using chicken breast and played around with the seasonings a bit. This dish combines Mediterranean flavors of cumin, lemon and olive to create a savory but light stew. I love this because it […]