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  • Sides: Spinach Frittata (Parade of Pies, Part 10)

    Sides: Spinach Frittata (Parade of Pies, Part 10)

    When I was a child, every party the family threw had “spinach cupcakes” for the kids. We all loved them, probably because we thought they were cupcakes and not healthy grown up food. As an adult I make them because they are a huge crowd-pleaser and are pretty quick to throw together. I’m too lazy […]

  • Sides: Braised Onion Tart Tatin (Parade of Pies, Part 8)

    Sides: Braised Onion Tart Tatin (Parade of Pies, Part 8)

    We’re finally done with the dessert pies! As good as those all were, savory pies are one of my latest obsessions. Making a savory pie can be just as easy as making a sweet pie, but for some reason we don’t always think of them. We should, however, because savory pies are a great way […]

  • Tangy Bulgur Salad and New Foods

    Tangy Bulgur Salad and New Foods

    We were recently invited to a potluck lunch with an ingenious theme: “New Foods.” The host wanted guests to bring foods that would most likely be new to him, and hopefully the other guests. I gave the challenge a lot of thought. I eat a lot of weird things, so I had plenty of options. […]

  • Pumpkin Hummus

    Pumpkin Hummus

    Between the CSA we joined this fall and all the great prices on squash at the markets, we ended up with a cache of winter squash to figure out what to do with this year. We ran through the basics pretty quickly, with pumpkin pie, butternut squash soup, and stuffed acorn squash; even a few […]

  • Iron Chef: Lemon!

    Iron Chef: Lemon!

    At the beginning of the month, my workplace hosted a large event. The centerpieces at event contained lemons. After the event, lo and behold, my entire office was awash with lemons. At first, everyone smuggled home pursefuls of fresh yellow fruits. After a week of that, however, there were still far too many lemons around. […]