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  • Sweet and Spicy Tomato-Squash Pasta Sauce

    Sweet and Spicy Tomato-Squash Pasta Sauce

    A perfect way to get some extra fall flavor into a simple warming pasta dish. I know a lot of people who don’t like winter squash very much. I blame this on the fact that most winter squash (think pumpkin, or any squash with meaty orange flesh) is served sweet with pie flavorings like nutmeg […]

  • Homemade pasta and buttery tomato sauce

    Homemade pasta and buttery tomato sauce

    I know, pasta with tomato sauce doesn’t sound very exciting. And it isn’t, usually. But when you match recipes from two of the highest quality food bloggers on the internet today, how can you go wrong? Those were my thoughts exactly. Let me tell you, this dinner was so far from going wrong, I was […]

  • My Grandma’s Vegetable Soup

    My Grandma’s Vegetable Soup

    I was a pretty adventurous eater as a child, but not all of my cousins and siblings were. Every kid has at least one food they won’t touch with a ten-foot fork. From what I remember, it didn’t have much to do with taste. We just picked a food we were going to hate (mine […]

  • Surprise! Lamb and lemon are a match made in heaven

    We had a leftover batch of the old standby Velvet Lemon Pasta Sauce that we were both avoiding using due to last month’s lemon overdose (you haven’t seen the last of those lemons yet, I promise). I was almost thinking it would go bad before we would be in the mood for lemon sauce again, […]

  • Velvet Lemon Pasta Sauce, Revisited

    Earlier this week I was invited to an impromptu potluck event for a large number of people. I wasn’t sure what other people might be bringing and knew I would have less than 2 hours to cook and get over to the event. I had no time to shop and still not very many fresh […]

  • Velvet Lemon Mushroom Sauce

    Velvet Lemon Mushroom Sauce

    Sauces are perhaps my favorite type of food to cook. They can be so versatile in flavor and texture. They liven up ordinary ingredients. This velvety lemon mushroom sauce can be used as an ingredient in many recipes, simply poured over a bowl of pasta, or served aside a warm cut of meat or a […]

  • Cheesy Macaroni with Baked Acorn Squash and Tomato Sauce

    Cheesy Macaroni with Baked Acorn Squash and Tomato Sauce

    Tonight we revisited a successful dish we had found on the Food Network’s website once when we had an abundance of acorn squash. Basically, you fill baked acorn squash with pasta, sausage, tomato sauce, red onions, cheese, and re-bake. We followed the recipe pretty closely the last time we made it (using ditalini shaped pasta […]