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  • Tex-Mex Casserole Pie

    Tex-Mex Casserole Pie

    We came up with this one a while back, and since our first try this has always come out a flavorful yet simple dish, capable of satisfying a large or small appetite. We always end up making it as a way to clean out our fridge and pantry, as the ingredients can be thrown together […]

  • Just Hungry’s “Moffles” (Mochi Waffles)

    Just Hungry’s “Moffles” (Mochi Waffles)

    Many of you may know, that I, like Alton Brown, hate kitchen gadgets that only do one thing. To justify the real estate taken up by a huge gadget like a waffle iron, I try to find as many unusual uses for the thing as possible. That’s why I was thrilled to read about Maki’s […]

  • Savory Rosemary Waffles

    Savory Rosemary Waffles

    When you’re tired of the same old same old for dinner, shake it up. Try some savory waffles topped with all manner of goodness. These waffles can be as decadent or as light as you like. Ours were somewhere in the middle. The following recipe is just a simple Belgian waffle recipe with some added […]

  • Light Winter Stir-Fry

    Light Winter Stir-Fry

    Winter is still holding on to us tight here in New York. Today we had what I hope will be our last snow of the season. Most vegetables are coming out of my freezer and pantry these days, look instead of fresh from the market. Earlier this winter, when everything was fresher, I was content […]

  • Vegan Extra Cheesy Grits

    Vegan Extra Cheesy Grits

    Jen tells a classic story which I’ll call “Jen’s Mom and the ‘Cheese’ Grits.” Once, way down south, Jen’s mom volunteered to bring cheese grits to a school function. When she got home to make them, she realized she only had 2 slices of American cheese for the whole vat of grits. Not to be […]

  • Tomato Rice Soup

    Tomato Rice Soup

    Note: No matter what angle, placement or camera settings we tried, none of the pictures came out right. If anyone has any photography tips on clearly showing off a bowl of soup, I’d love to hear them, please! This soup got me through months of laziness and countless colds. It is warm and can be […]

  • Cheesy Macaroni with Baked Acorn Squash and Tomato Sauce

    Cheesy Macaroni with Baked Acorn Squash and Tomato Sauce

    Tonight we revisited a successful dish we had found on the Food Network’s website once when we had an abundance of acorn squash. Basically, you fill baked acorn squash with pasta, sausage, tomato sauce, red onions, cheese, and re-bake. We followed the recipe pretty closely the last time we made it (using ditalini shaped pasta […]

  • Beef and Lamb Chili

    Beef and Lamb Chili

    On Monday night last week, we made a big vat of chili. I ate chili that night, on Tuesday for lunch, on Wednesday for lunch and on Thursday I was sad that I didn’t have any more chili for lunch. It was so hearty and satisfying each time that I didn’t need any afternoon snack. […]

  • Syrian Lemon and Olive Chicken

    Syrian Lemon and Olive Chicken

    This recipe was adapted from Jeff Nathan’s “Syrian Lemon Chicken Stew” from his Adventures in Jewish Cooking. I’ve shortened the process by using chicken breast and played around with the seasonings a bit. This dish combines Mediterranean flavors of cumin, lemon and olive to create a savory but light stew. I love this because it […]