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  • Bacon Waffles

    Bacon Waffles

    Jen bought a waffle iron for me when I finished writing my undergraduate thesis, which was a horrid affair. While the gesture was sweet, I knew it was an appliance I wouldn’t use much. Ever since though, she’s tried to convince me that it’s not a dreaded “uni-tasker” by making me treats with it that […]

  • Apple Pies

    Apple Pies

    For me, fall means apple picking. And apple picking means apple pies! The minute the weather turned crisp, we grabbed some friends and headed upstate to pick as many apples as we could carry. Empires and Jonagolds were ripe in abundance so we filled up mostly on those. Empires have a pure white flesh and […]

  • Strawberry Jam Brownies

    Strawberry Jam Brownies

    Everyone at work has been trying to shake off the tense, busy months we just came out of. Since Iron Chef was such a hit, someone decided we should have a brownie throwdown. I wasn’t sure if I was going to do it, since sweets aren’t really my thing, but I just happened to be […]

  • Almond Butter Cookies

    Almond Butter Cookies

    My favorite cookies growing up were Syrian butter cookies called “greybeh” in Arabic. My grandmother would serve them for dessert on a doily sprinkled with powdered sugar. The delicate cookies were shaped like bracelets and would usually have a pistachio pressed into the area where the two ends of the dough overlapped. They would melt […]

  • Savory Rosemary Waffles

    Savory Rosemary Waffles

    When you’re tired of the same old same old for dinner, shake it up. Try some savory waffles topped with all manner of goodness. These waffles can be as decadent or as light as you like. Ours were somewhere in the middle. The following recipe is just a simple Belgian waffle recipe with some added […]

  • No Fail Banana Muffins

    No Fail Banana Muffins

    My mom taught me this recipe when I was in high school involved in a group that had a lot of bake sales. There are so many good things about these muffins, it is hard to know where to start. First, they are simple little treats. Banana really comes through as the main flavor, with […]

  • Flourless Chewy Chocolate Brownie Cookies

    Flourless Chewy Chocolate Brownie Cookies

    I’m not much of a sweet tooth. I would almost always reach for seconds of my dinner instead of dessert. My love for the savory shows up in the food I try to cook. I rarely bake, and when I do, my favorite thing to bake is bread. Sometimes, though, a good cookie can pull […]