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Use the different break-downs to the right to find recipes and other posts. You can browse by tags, by category and by month posted.

Recipes are tagged with all of the ingredient related tags shown on the right. If a post fits any of the tags at all it will be used. For example, any recipe that uses beef will be tagged under “beef” and “meat“. In addition, any recipe that suggests a vegan alternative will be tagged as “vegan” even if the original recipe has meat, dairy or eggs. Naturally, all vegan recipes are also tagged as “vegetarian,” though the opposite is not the case.

The search field above is also a great way to find recipes with specific ingredients.

If you have a question about why a recipe is tagged a certain way, a post is categorized the way it is, or you think there might be a mistake, please leave a comment on that recipe so that I can address it. I’d love to hear suggestions on better ways to organize my recipes so that they are as convenient as possible to find and use.

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