New design

After over 3 years of presenting this blog using a mostly out-of-the-box WordPress theme, I finally figured out what I wanted to do instead. Presenting the new Get Cooking design!

GCB new design screenshot

I use my recipes all the time, and I generally look them up on my phone so I can see them in the kitchen. I got really sick of having to zoom in to see the recipe contents, so you’ll notice that now, when viewing the site on a small device, the right column drops to the bottom and the post content fills up the full width of the screen. There’s also a handy “Hop down to the recipe” link on posts with recipes, so you can jump past my rambling and right to the recipe, if you wish.

I hope you enjoy the new design. If you notice anything not working in a way that makes sense, or have any features you would like to see, just let me know.

About this author:  I'm a New Yorker who would rather cook than go out to restaurants. Sometimes I think I may be in the wrong city for that. Then I remember the exotic ingredients I'd be hard-pressed to find if I lived somewhere else. My cooking style is an eclectic range of everyday-American, Italian, middle-eastern, with extensive forays into Japanese cuisine, and some pit-stops into Indian and African cuisines. I love to try my hand at recreating dishes I taste. While I enjoy most anything with a flavor, from high cuisine to instant junk food, I have a soft spot in my belly for home-style cooking no matter the geographic or ethnic origin. Read more from this author...

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