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Seared sea scallops over mushroom and garlic scape risotto

Tonight’s dinner was the first in a long time that I’ve actually wanted to share ’round these parts. I needed a good blog break to refocus on what it is I want to share here.

One thing I know is that photos are one of my favorite parts of reading food blogs, and I want to make sure I’m delivering on that point. I also want to get back to one of my earliest goals with this blog, which is to develop my own photography skill.

The next goal is that I want to show cooking, and as much of the process as possible. My original goal for this blog was to show how easy it is to cook something and have it turn out as gorgeous as the above plate.* Usually, I have only shown the finished product. For future posts, I’m going to strive to show more, which will mean much more photo practice for me. But if I know myself, it will mean infrequent posts as it will take me longer to process the photos. That said, I don’t think my posts can get less frequent than they have been. If you’re still following Get Cooking, hopefully this will seem like an improvement.

Another thing you’ll notice over the next few months is that Get Cooking is going to have an updated look, and will also be easier to view on mobile devices.

*This particular dinner was made in about an hour. At the top are some seared sea scallops, which were purchased today, rinsed, patted dry, sprinkled with sea salt, and seared in a hot skillet with a bit of butter and olive oil. The risotto underneath was started with one slice of bacon rendered with chicken fat, shallots, mushrooms, garlic scapes, arborio rice and homemade chicken stock. It looks fancy but was not complicated at all. The only bit of skill it really took was knowing how long to let everything cook. I can’t wait to share more meals like it.

About this author:  I'm a New Yorker who would rather cook than go out to restaurants. Sometimes I think I may be in the wrong city for that. Then I remember the exotic ingredients I'd be hard-pressed to find if I lived somewhere else. My cooking style is an eclectic range of everyday-American, Italian, middle-eastern, with extensive forays into Japanese cuisine, and some pit-stops into Indian and African cuisines. I love to try my hand at recreating dishes I taste. While I enjoy most anything with a flavor, from high cuisine to instant junk food, I have a soft spot in my belly for home-style cooking no matter the geographic or ethnic origin. Read more from this author...


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