Mabo Dofu, Featured on Just Bento

Just Bento published a guest post by yours truly this morning. The post features my take on Mabo Dofu, a Chinese turned Japanese dish that I fell in love with some years ago. The dish is simple, satisfying, while still tantalizing to the tongue and taste buds; it’s one of my favorites. It gave me an entirely new perspective on the use of tofu as an ingredient rather than a meat substitute. The sauce, which is vegan, can be used in many other dishes, so don’t be put off by the meat in the whole recipe.

I’ll be posting the recipe here for posterity but for now, go check it out at Just Bento!

About this author:  I'm a New Yorker who would rather cook than go out to restaurants. Sometimes I think I may be in the wrong city for that. Then I remember the exotic ingredients I'd be hard-pressed to find if I lived somewhere else. My cooking style is an eclectic range of everyday-American, Italian, middle-eastern, with extensive forays into Japanese cuisine, and some pit-stops into Indian and African cuisines. I love to try my hand at recreating dishes I taste. While I enjoy most anything with a flavor, from high cuisine to instant junk food, I have a soft spot in my belly for home-style cooking no matter the geographic or ethnic origin. Read more from this author...

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