Happy Birthday to me!

This year I opted for a simple birthday. I really just wanted to stay home and relax yesterday because this month has been and will continue to be a busy one for me and all of my friends. I haven’t been cooking as much this week, so there won’t be recipes for a little while, though expect some exciting developments over the next few weeks here at Get Cooking.

Though I wasn’t in the kitchen on my birthday, I was, however, greeted with what is becoming a birthday tradition: an unnaturally green* key lime pie (just the way I love it)!

Key lime birthday pie covered in "exotic" fruits

This pie is possibly the most beautiful key lime pie I’ve ever seen. Even topping one from 2 years ago with color coordinated lime slices and wisps of whipped cream. My favorite berries are strawberries, but sadly, they are usually crazy expensive around my birthday since it is the dead of winter. Seeing such a colorful array of berries made me want to pounce on this thing. I don’t think I could ever feel that way about a cake.

To take a cue from Cute Overload, FRUIT-HANCE!

Incredible Fruit Mandala on my birthday pie

So thank you Jen for a perfect birthday pie. If you all beg nicely, maybe she’ll post the recipe on here one of these days.

*For those of you who don’t know, key lime pies are supposed to be pale yellow, not green. Any purist would refuse a green key lime pie. I’m no purist. I love green, and thus, love key lime pie even more if it adheres to my limey expectations. If I had made this pie, it probably would have ended up the color of the avocados in the last post, which is why I generally am not allowed to do the baking.

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