Happy 2nd Birthday to Us!

Chanukah candles burning bright on our 2nd Birthday!

Chanukah candles burning bright on our 2nd Birthday!

We’ve been a little quiet here due to the holidays (Chanukah followed shortly after Thanksgiving this year) and then a rather unpleasant bought of the flu, but we simply can’t ignore this very important day!

Get Cooking’s 2nd birthday!

We’ve  learned so much in the last two years, and hopefully you have too. We’ve explored the complicated and delicious world of pickling. I’ve delved deeply into my family’s Syrian culinary heritage. I’ve learned to love some foods that I wasn’t originally a fan of. And we’ve had our share of kitchen mishaps too, but luckily more successes than failures. We’ve even dipped our toes into the world of community-supported agriculture and community gardening.

We’ve had a lot of adventures but we’re not done yet. Thanks for joining us on our cooking journey this far!

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