Freezable bean burritos with a zing!

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Burritos wrapped up for the freezer
What do you do when you become to busy to cook consistently? Hopefully, you have the foresight to stock your freezer with reheatable home cooked items. Happily I did manage to have a sense that things were going to get hectic around here and I was able to pack the freezer with these tasty little packages. I only wish I had thought to do the same with some larger meals, but well, hindsight is always twenty/twenty.

Still, there’s no need for you to suffer with take-out or instant foods for every meal just because your schedule has become too packed to keep fresh food around. These burritos are easy, flexible, and are a perfect example of a simple on-the-go meal that can run the gamut of flavors. I got the idea from The Simple Dollar’s Bulk Breakfast Burritos recipe but alternated some of my own favorite fillings to make them suitable for any time of day.

Cheese, black beans, and guacamole being wrapped in a tortilla.

Recipe: Freezable bean burritos with a zing

Makes 8 burritos (multiply as needed)

  • 8 medium or large flour tortillas
  • 8 pieces of American cheese
  • 2 batches of “Unfried” Black Beans mixed with a dollop of your favorite hot sauce
  • 1 batch of Guacamole
  1. Fill each tortilla as show above.
  2. Fold the left and right sides in and then roll the bottom up until the burrito is closed. This is also explained, with photos, in the Simple Dollar recipe.
  3. Wrap the burrito in plastic wrap. Freeze.
  4. When you wish to eat, remove from the plastic wrap, wrap in a paper towel, and defrost in a microwave for about 2 minutes (power level – 50%), and then heat on regular power for about 1 minute.

These gooey, zesty little packets have brightened many a work day when I’ve been too rushed for breakfast or lunch. What are some other ingredients you would add to your frozen burritos? I’m about to make another batch and I want to plant some variety in my freezer this time.

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  1. GordoNo Gravatar

    As a vegetarian I find your idea refreshing. There are many ways to prepare barritoes and make them vegetarian friendly.


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