Cheesy Owl Crackers

Owl Crackers with upside down faces about to head into the oven

I’m sure you’ll think I’m crazy, but I just couldn’t resist. After seeing Deb from Smitten Kitchen’s Whole Wheat Goldfish crackers I couldn’t not try them.  I also happened to have everything I needed on hand, including a block of ultra orange cheddar that had exactly 6 oz left. I had never made crackers before and they weren’t the easiest thing I ever cooked, for sure. But, filled with cheese and butter, they might be one of the tastiest. It’s really hard not to eat them all.

Cutting out Owl Crackers on a floured surface

The crackers are the consistency of a cheese straw, but so much cuter. Someone in the house has a thing for owls and we happen to have a tiny 1 1/4 inch long owl cookie cutter. It was perfect.

If you like cheesy crackers and you think you can handle all the cut outs, try them. I followed the recipe in her post exactly, though next time I might use a bit less butter because the cheese itself is pretty oily and the crackers do leave a bit of grease on the fingers. I think I also made most of my crackers thinner than 1/8 of an inch.

Filling in the rows of owl crackers

I’m hoping to try a similar cracker soon with peanut butter instead. If anyone has any ideas, please share. I’ll report back with the results. Or I might get lazy and just make sandwiches with the cheese ones and call it a night. We’ll see.


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  1. BrindesNo Gravatar

    the crackers looks soo cute ! Loved it ! And with that much cheddar on it, I can’t help to think how amazing would it be to eat then with mexican food, like some guacamole and sour cream.. LOL


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