New design

GCB new design screenshot

After over 3 years of presenting this blog using a mostly out-of-the-box WordPress theme, I finally figured out what I wanted to do instead. Presenting the new Get Cooking design! I use my recipes all the time, and I generally … Continued

Happy 2nd Birthday to Us!

Chanukah candles burning bright on our 2nd Birthday!

We’ve been a little quiet here due to the holidays (Chanukah followed shortly after Thanksgiving this year) and then a rather unpleasant bought of the flu, but we simply can’t ignore this very important day! Get Cooking’s 2nd birthday! We’ve  … Continued

Want more Get Cooking?

A few months ago, I added a little feature to our sidebar here that pulls in interesting food related articles we are reading. It includes a mix of great posts from our blog roll, and also interesting food posts from … Continued

Get outside!

two hot dogs on a plate, dressed to the nines with toppings

I could run off a huge list of excuses about the lack of posts lately, but I find those kinds of posts tiresome and I bet you do too. The most interesting reason that I’ve been a bit absent here … Continued

I can taste again!

Spring has, indeed, come again.

This may be premature, but tonight, after over 3 months of a very gripping sinus infection that took my senses of smell and taste captive (which you may remember me mentioning a few posts ago), I inhaled and I could … Continued

Picnicking under the cherry blossoms

After a long week of packing, moving and unpacking, eating mostly instant foods or takeout, it was refreshing to have a day off to enjoy the weather and some fresh, unprocessed produce before returning to work tomorrow. Because we noticed … Continued

Posts will be slow until we’re finished moving

Things have been a bit slow here at Get Cooking because Jen and I are in the process of moving to an apartment of our very own. We have mostly been cooking our favorite staples on repeat and enjoying delicious … Continued