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  • Mother’s Day Soul Food

    Mother’s Day Soul Food

    I usually post after a meal is eaten and gone, but I’m going to try something a little different this week. I’m going to share the recipes for what I’m making before I make it, and then I’ll let you know how it went and if I made any adjustments to the recipes while cooking. […]

  • Tomato and Sausage Risotto, à la Smitten Kitchen and Martha Stewart

    Tomato and Sausage Risotto, à la Smitten Kitchen and Martha Stewart

    Deb over at Smitten Kitchen always has breathtaking food on her site. Sometimes the recipes she features seem a bit too involved for me, but she never fails to stun the eyes with her expert photography and give me a chuckle with her fast-paced prose. After giving in and trying her delightful buttery tomato sauce […]

  • (Birthday) Chicken Pot Pie

    (Birthday) Chicken Pot Pie

    Another wintry birthday has come and gone. You may be sensing a theme here. Last year there was a splendiferous key lime pie. This year’s creation really takes the “cake” though. Introducing my very first birthday pot pie. Cakes are great and all but, honestly, you will win my heart ever so much more quickly […]

  • Freezable bean burritos with a zing!

    Freezable bean burritos with a zing!

    What do you do when you become to busy to cook consistently? Hopefully, you have the foresight to stock your freezer with reheatable home cooked items. Happily I did manage to have a sense that things were going to get hectic around here and I was able to pack the freezer with these tasty little […]

  • Veggie Bonanza: Oven-Roasted Ratatouille

    Veggie Bonanza: Oven-Roasted Ratatouille

    While on a recent grocery trip, I noticed that the outdoor produce section of our favorite market was currently undergoing some major reorganization. Every stand was being cleared off, and at first I was sad that we wouldn’t have an opportunity to peruse what is usually a very diverse selection — that is, until I […]

  • Homemade pasta and buttery tomato sauce

    Homemade pasta and buttery tomato sauce

    I know, pasta with tomato sauce doesn’t sound very exciting. And it isn’t, usually. But when you match recipes from two of the highest quality food bloggers on the internet today, how can you go wrong? Those were my thoughts exactly. Let me tell you, this dinner was so far from going wrong, I was […]

  • Half Sour Dill Cucumber Pickles

    Half Sour Dill Cucumber Pickles

    Half sour pickles, sometimes called “new pickles”, weren’t my favorite growing up. They were overlooked in the quest for the most lip-puckering sour garlic pickles. As my taste buds matured, however, I came to appreciate the more delicate saltiness of a good half sour pickle. From what I’ve noticed, half sours are made from very […]

  • Raclette, a lesser-known melted cheese meal

    Raclette, a lesser-known melted cheese meal

    While grocery shopping last week, I noticed a wheel of raclette cheese at the cheese counter. The sight of that cheese brought back warm memories of the first time I tasted it, during my time in France, with my host family gathered around the table on a cold winter’s night. The memory of raclette, the […]

  • Chain-Letter Cinnamon Bread

    Chain-Letter Cinnamon Bread

    About six weeks ago, we were gifted a so-called “Amish Cinnamon Bread” yeast starter in a zip-top bag that came along with a somewhat cryptic-sounding recipe. Due to my affinity for baking, I decided to take charge of the project. After waiting ten days and “mushing” the bag everyday, it eventually yielded what it promised […]

  • Bread and Butter Pickles

    Bread and Butter Pickles

    Of the three kinds of cucumber pickles I experimented with since the summer, the most successful were the “bread and butter” pickles. Because of their sweetness, these usually aren’t on my crave list. When I think of bread and butter pickles, I think of almost-neon manufactured, sickly sweet, acidic spears that seem to last indefinitely […]