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  • Chick(pea) Nuggets

    Chick(pea) Nuggets

    Last year when we were exploring vegetarian proteins, we started getting all kinds of high protein flours. The most versatile and relatively cheap flour I found was chickpea flour. The first thing I tried to make with it was falafel, using the recipe on the package. We enjoyed them in pita with tahini sauce and […]

  • The best buns

    The best buns

    Before I found this recipe, we never seemed to have buns on hand. We always had slicing bread, and occasionally pita, and we would generally make do with those when we had hamburgers or anything else that required buns. One night we were completely out of bread, though, and we knew there was no time […]

  • Red Beans and Rice, a new staple ’round here

    Red Beans and Rice, a new staple ’round here

      Adapted from Alton Brown’s fabulous recipe, this hearty donburi-type dish recently became an instant favorite in our regular dinner rotation. Not willing to pickle our own pork (for the time being), we found that using thickly-sliced slab bacon makes the whole texture of the dish turn to silk. You could leave the bacon out […]

  • Starting from scratch

    Once you start making foods from scratch, it gets a little addictive. It’s amazing how many every day foods aren’t really that hard to make yourself. But even I have limits (or at least I thought I did). I was talking to my mother the other day and mentioned how I had a great sandwich. […]

  • Whole Wheat Pocket Pita

    Whole Wheat Pocket Pita

    I’ve clearly been on a bit of baking kick lately. I think it’s been because by the end of the week I’m out of fresh goods but I always have basic baking ingredients in my pantry. A lot of people bake bread to be frugal. And I’d like to say that I made these pita […]

  • Cheesy Owl Crackers

    Cheesy Owl Crackers

    I’m sure you’ll think I’m crazy, but I just couldn’t resist. After seeing Deb from Smitten Kitchen’s Whole Wheat Goldfish crackers I couldn’t not try them.  I also happened to have everything I needed on hand, including a block of ultra orange cheddar that had exactly 6 oz left. I had never made crackers before […]

  • Luscious, Unbelievable Beets and Ricotta

    Luscious, Unbelievable Beets and Ricotta

    I’ve always loved beets: their color, a magenta that still seems unnatural every time I see it; their texture, tender and meaty; their flavor, bright, earthy and fruity. As a beet fan, it doesn’t take much to convince me that something with roasted beets in it is going to be delicious. But because I enjoy […]

  • Zucchini and Carrot Frittata, Syrian style

    Zucchini and Carrot Frittata, Syrian style

    The Kosher Foodies just wrote about Spanach Jibben which we used to call Spinach brownies or cupcakes when I was a child. This spinach, egg, and cheese dish was a great way to make sure us kids had something green without too much fussing or complaining. Tacking “jibben” after a vegetable pretty much means you […]

  • Making the most out of what you’ve got

    Making the most out of what you’ve got

    Because it’s been so beautiful out, we’ve changed some of our usual eating and cooking habits for the summer. We’ve been eating out a bit more and have been sharing more meals with friends. To counteract the cost of eating out more often, we’ve slowed down our grocery shopping routine (Incidentally that is not very […]

  • Soul Food Success: Fried Chicken, Sweet Potato Wedges, Corn Pudding

    Soul Food Success: Fried Chicken, Sweet Potato Wedges, Corn Pudding

    As promised, following up from last weekend, here are the results of the Mother’s Day soul food feast. I think the pictures practically speak for themselves. The food was a triumph! The only problem now is that since I know how very easy it is to make perfect fried chicken at home, I’ll want it […]