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  • Can[‘t] fight this feeling anymore

    Can[‘t] fight this feeling anymore

    I can’t hide it any longer. I’ve broken through a culinary barrier that I thought would wait at least until I had a gigantic non-city kitchen. I’ve started canning. You know, putting things into jars (not cans, which we’ve had a lot of confusion over in my house), putting the jars in boiling water for […]

  • Pantry tips for greater freedom in the kitchen, part 1

    Pantry tips for greater freedom in the kitchen, part 1

    I’ve written before about how having a well stocked pantry makes it easy for me to choose to cook every night instead of eating out. A well stocked pantry means different things to different people. For me, it means having versatile ingredients around that are as ready as possible to use at a moment’s notice. […]

  • Bacon Waffles

    Bacon Waffles

    Jen bought a waffle iron for me when I finished writing my undergraduate thesis, which was a horrid affair. While the gesture was sweet, I knew it was an appliance I wouldn’t use much. Ever since though, she’s tried to convince me that it’s not a dreaded “uni-tasker” by making me treats with it that […]

  • My Grandma’s Vegetable Soup

    My Grandma’s Vegetable Soup

    I was a pretty adventurous eater as a child, but not all of my cousins and siblings were. Every kid has at least one food they won’t touch with a ten-foot fork. From what I remember, it didn’t have much to do with taste. We just picked a food we were going to hate (mine […]

  • Just Hungry’s “Moffles” (Mochi Waffles)

    Just Hungry’s “Moffles” (Mochi Waffles)

    Many of you may know, that I, like Alton Brown, hate kitchen gadgets that only do one thing. To justify the real estate taken up by a huge gadget like a waffle iron, I try to find as many unusual uses for the thing as possible. That’s why I was thrilled to read about Maki’s […]