(Birthday) Chicken Pot Pie

Biscuit-top chicken pot pie casserole with "24" birthday candles lit on top.

Biscuit-top chicken pot pie casserole with "24" birthday candles lit on top.

Another wintry birthday has come and gone. You may be sensing a theme here. Last year there was a splendiferous key lime pie. This year’s creation really takes the “cake” though. Introducing my very first birthday pot pie. Cakes are great and all but, honestly, you will win my heart ever so much more quickly with a pie of any kind instead.

This pie idea came from Paula Deen’s Hurry Up Chicken pot pie. Basically, start with some chopped cooked chicken, an assortment of vegetables, a bechamel or roux (or cream of something soup), seasonings, broth, and a gloppy biscuit batter for the top. We made this 3 times last month, throwing in any vegetables we happened to have from our treasure trove of “Bargain of the day” produce bags. Paula also added hard-boiled eggs, but I left those out since I’ve been eating so many eggs in my homemade pasta.

The result: a casserole bursting with hearty homemade goodness that brought warmth to the belly and the soul, perfect for the snowy days we’d been granted.

Half a chicken pot pie with a biscuit top in a casserole.

If I get to eat like this, I don’t mind if winter sticks around for just a little bit longer.

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