Author: Sarah

  • Apple Cider Pudding

    Apple Cider Pudding

    This past week, I became obsessed with Smitten Kitchen’s luxe butterscotch pudding recipe. It’s got eggs, cream, butter, and a deep caramel flavor. What’s not to love? I made it for my two kids and they went wild. I’d also been eyeing Smitten’s apple cider caramels recipe and thinking of my own bacon caramels, and […]

  • Sweet and Spicy Tomato-Squash Pasta Sauce

    Sweet and Spicy Tomato-Squash Pasta Sauce

    A perfect way to get some extra fall flavor into a simple warming pasta dish. I know a lot of people who don’t like winter squash very much. I blame this on the fact that most winter squash (think pumpkin, or any squash with meaty orange flesh) is served sweet with pie flavorings like nutmeg […]

  • Bacon Caramel Candies

    Bacon Caramel Candies

    The Northeast is being beaten down with what some are calling “Frankenstorm”, and it seems like Halloween plans might need to be postponed. But as long as you’ve still got power or gas, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy some candy. I’ve been in a candy making mood lately and these tend to be at […]

  • Can[‘t] fight this feeling anymore

    Can[‘t] fight this feeling anymore

    I can’t hide it any longer. I’ve broken through a culinary barrier that I thought would wait at least until I had a gigantic non-city kitchen. I’ve started canning. You know, putting things into jars (not cans, which we’ve had a lot of confusion over in my house), putting the jars in boiling water for […]

  • Chick(pea) Nuggets

    Chick(pea) Nuggets

    Last year when we were exploring vegetarian proteins, we started getting all kinds of high protein flours. The most versatile and relatively cheap flour I found was chickpea flour. The first thing I tried to make with it was falafel, using the recipe on the package. We enjoyed them in pita with tahini sauce and […]

  • The best buns

    The best buns

    Before I found this recipe, we never seemed to have buns on hand. We always had slicing bread, and occasionally pita, and we would generally make do with those when we had hamburgers or anything else that required buns. One night we were completely out of bread, though, and we knew there was no time […]

  • Za’atar Pita

    Za’atar Pita

    Za’atar is a Middle Eastern spice blend. I can’t even describe how to pronounce it because I don’t really know what the right way is myself. Growing up, it was this mysterious mixture we put on top of pita and microwaved, sometimes with mozzarrella cheese on top as well, wafting this strong unique scent throughout […]

  • Shiitake Mushroom “Bacon” Crumbles

    Shiitake Mushroom “Bacon” Crumbles

    Last year, Jen and I decided to increase the vegetarianism in our diets. We didn’t cut out animal products entirely, but we stopped buying meat and most of our meals were vegetarian or vegan. Among many other reasons for making this change, we really want to shake our cooking up. While we have gone back […]

  • New design

    New design

    After over 3 years of presenting this blog using a mostly out-of-the-box WordPress theme, I finally figured out what I wanted to do instead. Presenting the new Get Cooking design! I use my recipes all the time, and I generally look them up on my phone so I can see them in the kitchen. I […]

  • Mildly under construction…

    Mildly under construction…

    Tonight’s dinner was the first in a long time that I’ve actually wanted to share ’round these parts. I needed a good blog break to refocus on what it is I want to share here.