Posts will be slow until we’re finished moving

Chiquita banana with blue 'I [heart] Lunch Boxes' sticker

Things have been a bit slow here at Get Cooking because Jen and I are in the process of moving to an apartment of our very own. We have mostly been cooking our favorite staples on repeat and enjoying delicious lunch boxes for days on end. While it has been tasty and comforting, there has not been time to post them yet. When we’re back at full power, though, you can expect recipes for all of these (mainly rice-based) dishes.

As soon as we’re settled, expect a slew of more tantalizing photos. Our new kitchen is more spacious and well-lit. No more taking pictures of bowls of food over the stove (which hopefully you didn’t notice… until now)! With more counter space shall come more dishes to cover them. I can’t wait, and I hope you’re excited too.

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